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balls on my face :D

but don't call me a ballface

13 February
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most call me amber. i've got nearly black hair and blue eyes. i turn to music as an escape, and if i knew how.. i'd make some. i do what i do. it's none of your business. my best friends are amazing.. and i have three favorites :D my dog is human, she has to be. i love to contradict myself. i like it when i get a lot of different opinions on my hair/appearance. it shows me it's not boring. school isn't my thing anymore. i know how to love. i love to be loved, also. i'm sometimes easily annoyed. i love anything that can make me forget the world. i love it when people can make me feel like i'm the only person in the universe. spanish is my best class. if i could, i'd be an amazing artist. i like to take pictures, but i'm no photography freak. i live for good times. i do what feels right for the moment and worry about consequences later. i really like to smile.. but i can be really depressing sometimes. i like drastic changes in appearance. i hate getting bored. i can be restless and wreckless . i love surprises when i have no idea they're coming. if you read this whole thing, regardless of if i know you or not, you should add me :D. life is hard, but i live for those moments that make me feel alive. i love feeling special/important/needed. i want a monroe when i'm older. i don't really believe in full-blood unique.. i think everything is influenced. i wear my heart on my sleeve. i swear i have good intentions. sometimes, it just doesn't work out as i planned. i'm ready to find myself, and figure out who i really am. i have a lot of respect for myself. i love having my nails painted, but i get too lazy to do it. i love neat things, but my room is a mess. laughter is the best medicine. i love the moments when everything is so silent that all you can hear is your heartbeat. brand new can give me chills. i'd love to know how to play the guitar sitting in my corner. i feel like i have creativity bottled up and i don't know how to get it out. i love being kissed. you can't sum me up in a paragraph, but if you cared enough to read all this, consider yourself a friend :D.. and added.